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Delphi/Delco Corvette EBCM removal

Need to retrieve your Trouble Codes before your remove?  Use the vehicle's built in diagnostic code retrieval link. (DIC) Use the link below.
Diagnostic Code Retrieval Link

The procedure for removing the EBCM is very simple. The only special tool you need is a T-20 torx screw driver. A tool set that has a 1/4" drive screwdriver with an adapter for many different size bits. A flathead screwdriver may also be needed to pry apart the EBCM from the BPMV

1 - Make sure the car is off.

2 - You will probably need to remove the airbridge to get to the EBCM.

3 - Remove the wire harness by first removing the white plastic clip that locks it in place, then lift gray handle and pull back on the wire harness. At this point, you will be able to see the second wire connection that is removed by pulling down.

4 - The service manual calls for you the remove the 2 insulator nuts that hold the BPMV to the brackets and lift the EBCM/BPMV out of the bracket. I do not think this step is necessary because there is plenty of room while it is still in the bracket and you do not gain much additional clearance since the brake lines restrict the movement.

5 - Remove the 6 T-20 torx screws connecting the EBCM and BPMV - 1 on each corner and 2 on the sides.

6 - "Separate the EBCM from the BPMV by gently pulling apart until separated" - I should start laughing here, but it's not that funny. It's been my experience that anytime the instructions call for you to do something gently, nothing gentle is going to work. In this case, you might need that flathead screw driver to brake the seal. Once it moves a little, the rest is easy.

Send your module to ABSFixer

Once you receive your module back from us, follow the above instructions in reverse or just follow the instructions below to install your repaired module.

7 - At this point, all you've got to do is put it all back together. push the new EBCM onto the BPMV.

8 - Replace the 6 T-20 torx screws

9 - reconnect the wire harness 10 - put the intake back on.

Turn Ignition key...     Drive!!!


01-04 Corvette EBCM

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